The general programme

The general programme of Parma 2020+21 has as its core the application dossier, from which a series of actions have been developed by the whole city and the territory, under the common denominator "Culture beats time".

The general programme of the Capital of Culture is composed of:

  • The Application Dossier and Special Events | The pilot project and contemporary workshops represent the paradigm of Parma 2020 and, merging international heritage, cultures and creativity, they develop between exhibitions, installations, productions, laboratories, extraordinary openings, conferences, music and open calls, between ancient places and contemporary districts . They shape the idea and the cultural project of Parma, and beat the time of making culture and making future.
  • The energy of the territory | From the Lower to the Apennines, the "Parma nation", as Attilio Bertolucci called it, is developing over 150 activities, which see the mobilization and involvement of the Municipalities, the Province, the Dioceses, businesses and associations, their cultural value , landscape and food and wine.
  • The program of the University of Parma | A vast program dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge and the sharing of knowledge, divided into the two strategic themes "Culture and innovation" and "Culture and democracy", which makes available to society new scientific and cultural paths, new places and communication methods, aimed to an effective participation of the community in the research results, in which the times of memory and invention merge.
  • Emilia 2020 | Parma 2020 is a great promotional opportunity also for the vast tourist area of ​​Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia, the three cities part of the Emilia Tourist Destination and candidates for the path of Capital. The Emilia 2020 program was created to systematise the cultural opportunities of these realities, enhancing their visibility and tools.