The Committee for Parma 2020

The Committee for Parma 2020 was founded in October 2018 by the Municipality of ParmaParma, io ci sto!” association and UPI, the Association of Entrepreneurs of Parma.

The goal of the Committee is to mobilize all the local resources, particularly the productive forces and the economic system, to support and enrich the Parma 2020+21 Programme and develop a working method that will last well beyond the year as Capital.

The Committee is non-profit and aims to support the achievement of the objectives and the implementation of the activities contained in the city’s Application Dossier by strengthening the public-private partnership and strengthening cultural fruition as a tool for community growth and social inclusion.

It was created to enhance the local cultural heritage, turning the appointment as Italian Capital of Culture into an opportunity for the development of creative industries and for the fine-tuning of Parma’s image at the national and international level.

Since its foundation, many local players have joined the promoting founders in supporting the ongoing process of enhancing the time dimension, places, aspirations and ambitions of this land. 

Why joining and how

Being part of the Committee means supporting the implementation of the Programme developed by Parma and its area, by bolstering the development of the cultural system as a tool for community growth and social inclusion.

Any public or private entity, natural person, company or other body can join the Committee in one of the following ways:

  1. Founding member (annual membership fee € 10,000.00)
  2. Supporting member (annual membership fee € 5,000.00)
  3. Ordinary member (annual membership fee € 1,000.00)

By joining the Committee, the entity or private person acquires rights and duties as indicated in the articles of association.

For any further information, and information on how to join the Committee, please send an email to: