27 January 2021
Street art - Segni Urbani 2018

Street Art in Parma: the places

Wlaking in Parma to discover the places of...Street Art.
12 January 2021

Parma is a woman

A total feminine journey to Parma
12 January 2021
Affresco Madoi Sesta

A small open-air museum

An unusual place on the Parma Apennines that wil surprise you
12 January 2021
Fiume Po

Storytelling of an atypical tour guide

A tour guide narrates the Parma Low land
26 November 2020

Talking teens. The statues talk

Il cellulare squilla e una voce che ti saluta dicendo: “Salve, sono Antonio Allegri, il Correggio...
16 November 2020

Parma instagram tour

Un viaggio tra le prelibatezze di Parma...
16 November 2020

The Parmesan cuisine in winter

Our ideas for a typical winter menu of Parma