Parma 2020+21

Parma 2020+21 is a cultural-based territorial development programme, born from the city’s appointment as Italian Capital of Culture for the year 2020, title that was extended to 2021 by the “Relaunch Decree”, made by the italian govenrment to support the country’s recovery following the global health emergency caused by COVID-19.

Ever since the nomination day, on 16th February 2018, Parma 2020+21 has become a metaphor for what the territory intends to achieve in terms of social regeneration from today to 2030.

During the months marked by the emergency, Parma 2020+21 has continued working, reconsidering and integrating its broad and multifaceted programme, which has confirmed to be a great project constantly in progress and open to discussing current issues, with a solid structure that makes it able to adapt and respond to the social emergency to which culture is today called to give an answer.

Strongly aware of representing an opportunity not only for the city, but for the whole Country, Parma 2020+21 confirms the principles expressed in its Manifesto and once again strongly affirms its role of socio-cultural protection, working to think about his message under a new light, adapting it to the “self-isolation” practices that from now on will mark not only our actions, but also our thinking, trying to make its message no less inclusive, but more caring, no less participatory, but more personal and intimate.

The Municipality of Parma holds the strategic direction of the programme.

Its implementation is entrusted to the Department of Culture, which collaborates and interacts with the Parma 2020 Committee and all the other departments – from tourism to environment, from mobility to social policies - with local institutions and the private system, beyond the borders of the city, up to promoting and gathering the energy of the entire Region.

26 August 2020

Manifesto|Culture is the beat of time

26 August 2020

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26 August 2020

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