Caleidoscopio. Old continent, new scenario

Parma will investigate the European character of the contemporary thanks to a long reportage that from February to June will enliven the iconic Governor's Palace in its square. The meetings that will take place in the program of the “Kaleidoscope. Old Continent, new scenario”, organized by the Municipality of Parma, will be a long report which will freely offer the citizens the story (this time not filtered by the small screen or the printed page) of historical correspondents, of authoritative voices of journalism engaged by always in telling an elsewhere, more or less distant, helping us to understand the present and to intuit future developments.

Preview - Tuesday February 7 at 5.30pm
Enrico Franceschini: innamorarsi dell'Europa
In dialogue with Mara Pedrabissi

Friday March 24 at 5.30pm
Francesca Mannocchi: emozioni ai confini d'Europa
In dialogue with Giovanna Pavesi

Friday April 21 at 6pm
Antonio Caprarica: un paradosso europeo sempre glam

Thursday May 18 at 6pm
Lectio di Lucio Caracciolo: Esiste l’Europa?

(date to be defined) June at 6pm
Giovanna Botteri: Parigi è molto più della capitale di Francia

Free admission until all available seats are filled.